Friday, May 29, 2009


I have always loved worshiping the Lord. It is who I am, how I hear His voice. All of us are different. My daughter used to get sick of singing, wishing we would just get on the the sermon, while I was thinking "oh, just one more song" God speaks to us all according to who He has made us.

Years ago I went to a large church that had a great music dept. I was in the choir, and I loved it! I would pinch myself sometimes not believing He would let me do that. I even had dreams the director would walk past and hear my voice and say "what is she doing up here!" To be a part of that was so important to me. One Easter I fell off my porch steps and broke my elbow, and all I could think is I will go to the hospital after the program! (which of course my husband vetoed) But the Lord called me out of that church, because it was sadly, what I would now call a christian cult. It was one of the most painful things I have ever experienced, they were my family! And it meant giving up the choir that was such a blessing to me

Years have now past and I have not found that place of worship again. I have attended a church that really struggles in that area. I have had a few times over the years when I was able to worship in a deep way.

The last few years I have been listening to talk radio. I am a political junkie I think. I like to think and discuss such things. But my husband does not, so I guess this was my way of filling that. For quite a while I have been hearing in my spirit to turn it off and put on praise music. The other day I put on the CD's we had made at my old church and I listened while I cleaned. It was nice.

Then today I put on some praise music. All I can say is it has made such a difference. I have been struggling to have any energy. I have just been forcing myself to do what I have to. But as I have listened to the praises of our Lord I can feel a change in me. I have a desire to get into my homemaking. I feel a closeness to Him I have missed.

Fill your home with sounds of Joy, and praise the Him who holds all things in His hands.


  1. Recently I also have been choosing to put on Christian music verses other secular music. Boy has it made a difference! I can tell just like you were say how much more you change your perspective and thoughts. Sometimes I feel a gap because I'm listening to secular music and not focusing on God. Anyway your talent for writing is great!

  2. Wendy, this was a wonderful post. You have walked thorugh things I too have experienced. Praise is so important! It does help us through the day because it draws us closer to God.

  3. Wendy, I have a very hard time cleaning my kitchen without my old, southern gospel CD playing in the background!
    Mrs. White