Monday, May 25, 2009

The dicipline of writing

I never understood why people would use this phrase. I mean what does discipline have to do with it? But now as I try to give this writing thing a shot I understand it. I want to write regularly but it is not as easy as I had thought.

Many many things in life do come down to discipline. I was brought up in a home without much structure. The only have to's would be Mom goes to work, we go to school. Other than that there were not set schedules. We would do the dishes when Mom got sick of seeing them and told us to.

So I have struggled with those things my whole life. Housework has always been a struggle as I was never taught. Mom just told me it was my job at a very young age. I realized a few years ago that I still tend to clean like a 7 yr old! Only seeing big messes and not understanding maintenance.

I have tried to overcome many of the isses that come from this lack of training. My daughter has done much better, as I was learning she was beside me. She also is a natural at it, while I am not.

But the Lord continues to refine me, He keeps working on this slow learner. He seems to have patience that I don't have with myself. I think that by now I sould have it all together. But no I am still a work in progress. I will continue to strive and learn and He will continue to do His work in me.

So I will work on trying to get here more often, disciple myself to do another thing I feel He has called me to.

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  1. Dicipline is something that the Lord has laid heavy on my heart. When it comes to my bible study, losing weight etc... It all comes down to dicipline. Great post!!