Friday, May 15, 2009

Busy days on the farm.

Well it is spring. And with it comes work, but fun work for the most part. I have had two sets of boy/girl twin kids born. It was a couple very long nights for me and my first timer. But she has two healthy babies and is taking to being a mama well. Except she yells a lot! I have one more old girl who has yet to kid. She is puzzling me, not even sure she is really expecting. But I swear I see them moving, or it may just be wishful thinking.

I also have ten new chicks, and a couple turkey chicks. The turkeys almost didn't survive their first day here. The temptation was just to much for my labs. But luckily I caught them quick and both have survived! I am looking for a couple pigs. Who would have known how hard that would be.

So with all this comes the extra work of cleaning a winters worth of goat mess out of the stall. I am carting it right out to the garden, which is a long way away when you have a wheelbarrow full of heavy wet hay. So once that is done I need to get working on that garden! Me with my black thumb will try again!

Then on top of all this I really want to give the house a good spring cleaning. I will have my daughter and her three little children coming to visit in about 6 weeks. So I really want to get this all accomplished by then.

I guess it is a good thing that I keep waking up at 6 am.


  1. You have been so busy! Congrats on all the new little animals - your farm is really growing. I kind of have a black thumb, too. Oh well, it seems some plants survive in spite of us!

  2. AWWW how sweet little baby animals. I hope you get it all done. I had to spring clean for 6 weeks and it was well worth it.