Monday, June 29, 2009

Busy , hard, wonderful days.

I just ended a week spent with my three wonderful grandchildren. All three are special in there own way. Will, 4 blessed me with his chatter and helpfulness. He enjoyed going out to do farm chores every morning. Celeb, 2 is a ball of energy. He was bare most of the time he was here because I could not keep him out of the water. I don't blame him is was blazing hot. I will never look at a tractor again with out hearing him say "tractor" with excitement in his voice. And Ellie, now 2 1/2 months stole her grandpas heart the moment he laid eyes on her. So I had many blessing as they were here for a week.

I also was hurt as a dear friend and I have come to a place of disagreement over a doctrinal issue that hit close to home. I am praying I walk this out with grace and love. Even though my flesh does not want to.

And I may have a blessing beyond imagining coming my way. I am almost afraid to even hope or dream. I am needing to get myself alone with God and search His will. Oh how it is my will, but I truly want to submit myself to His. If anyone reading this would pray I would be more than blessed. This will only come to pass if He works!

Monday, June 15, 2009

My second grandson.

This boy melts my heart. Here is a glimpse of why.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Barn

I wish I could convey how much joy my barn gives me. I loved it when we first bought the place 17 yrs ago. It was just a bonus then. Sadly it is starting to really show its age and I do not know how many more years it has. I would love to fix it but there is just no way we could afford such a thing. So I will enjoy it as long as I can. I always feel sad when I see one falling down, and someday it will be mine.

When my children were young and driving me nuts I would go out there and watch my few chickens. Looking around at the beauty of this structure that men built before modern equipment. I would just feel such peace and calm. Then I could go in and be a good mommy again.

Now my children are all grown and the barn is home to many animals. I think it fills something in me to care for them. I have several barn cats, not on purpose though. Three adult goats and three kids. One sheep who is driving me nuts! and several chickens. I really want to get a cow or a pig but need to work on hubby about that one. A couple days ago he heard the neighbors cow and thought it was coming from the barn, he was not happy! But he will come around.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Wringer Washer

Summer is here and for me that means I get to use my wringer washer! I had wanted one for a while when my mom found one for $50 at a garage sale. I brought it home and put it out by my clothes line. That is right next to my husband workshop/hangout. So I ran a extension cord out the window. The hose come from my laundry room, out the back of the house. This does require lots of trips back and forth!

When I first go it my husband thought I was nuts, said we are real hillbillies now! The first time I went to use it I did the thing they warn you about, got my thumb in the ringer. Oh boy did it hurt, for weeks. But I was to stubborn to quit and give him the satisfaction. But this year he tried to make it better for me, making a little platform for it. He also has plans to make me a table with a sink in it. The hose will go out to this giving me the ability to turn the water on and off without walking to the house.

When I first started using it I had just plastic tubs on the ground for my rinse water. Lots of bending! But then I was able to get my grandmas old washtubs from my uncle. I love the thought of her washing with them. My mom was given baths in those tubs, and last summer my grandsons took their turn.

I so enjoy just being outside doing the wash. The quiet, the beauty of my surroundings. For me it is so much more satisfying to spend an hour out there working hard then to throw them into a washer and dryer in the house. I kind of get a giggle out of what a sight I must be in this modern world. People drive by and I wonder what they may be thinking. Who is that crazy lady, in a dress and apron using a wringer washer! My mom says they probably think I am a very old lady!

So today I will again be out there enjoying a simple pleasure of mine.