Monday, June 29, 2009

Busy , hard, wonderful days.

I just ended a week spent with my three wonderful grandchildren. All three are special in there own way. Will, 4 blessed me with his chatter and helpfulness. He enjoyed going out to do farm chores every morning. Celeb, 2 is a ball of energy. He was bare most of the time he was here because I could not keep him out of the water. I don't blame him is was blazing hot. I will never look at a tractor again with out hearing him say "tractor" with excitement in his voice. And Ellie, now 2 1/2 months stole her grandpas heart the moment he laid eyes on her. So I had many blessing as they were here for a week.

I also was hurt as a dear friend and I have come to a place of disagreement over a doctrinal issue that hit close to home. I am praying I walk this out with grace and love. Even though my flesh does not want to.

And I may have a blessing beyond imagining coming my way. I am almost afraid to even hope or dream. I am needing to get myself alone with God and search His will. Oh how it is my will, but I truly want to submit myself to His. If anyone reading this would pray I would be more than blessed. This will only come to pass if He works!

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  1. I will pray HIs will will be shown in your life AND that His will will also be yours.