Friday, March 20, 2009

Politics Prayer or both?

Well this is something I have been struggling with in my heart the last few days. I admit it, I am a political junkie. I find it interesting and listen to talk radio much of my day.

But then I am also feeling the call to be still and know that He is God.

So how do we approach this as believers? Do we get involved, go to rallies, work to make our voices heard? Or do we just live our lives out before men? Much of what our nation is facing is caused by sin, maybe all. We have greed and lust of the flesh running wild. Can our efforts in the political arena ever change that? What is really needed is for men's hearts to be changed, for them to bow before the law maker of the universe. But does this fact mean we sit back and allow ungodly men to continue to ruin our nation?

This is one of the things I read that has me in this place.

I have no answers now, I am pondering these things and asking the Lord for wisdom.

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  1. You are asking a very good question. The government is suppose to stay out of religious issues - according to "separation of church and state", but they increasing push their morals (which belonged in the churches and homes) into the schools, newspapers, and ballots.

    The government has forced us to become involved because they won't leave morality in the churches where it belongs. We should vote against the immorality any time politics forces the issues upon us. Otherwise religious issues belong in the homes and the churches - you are so right to think they can only change as the heart of man changes.

    Then there are issues that are truly political in nature: economics, spending, borders, freedoms, constitution and etc. Here we should be involved in any decent way we can because this is our country and will reflect those who are willing to be involved.

    We have given a lot of power to ------ because we haven't been involved in the true political stuff. Attend your political party campaigns and meetings. We need good people in these areas.

    My husband is a pastor who was also a mayor for eight years. He is always encouraging his congregation to be politically educated and involved, but we always 'fight' morality in the church unless it is forced upon us in the ballots.

    Maybe that gives you a little more support, and a little more to ponder.