Wednesday, March 11, 2009

bargain shopping

One of the things I do as a homemaker is try to make my husbands money stretch as far as possible. He is allowing me to stay home even though my children are all grown. I am going to work for the census soon, but that is temporary and I am doing it to get us caught up so I can go back home without being in debt.

So yesterday I did well. I went to the dollar store to get a couple needed items, ketchup and coffee. $4.65. Then I noticed a rack of clothes for 90% off. Got two baby outfits for the upcoming granddaughter $1.92

Took my son to work and went to 2 Walgreens- got 3 fructis conditioners (out of shampoo) 6 coffee-mate creamers (my addiction) Total $3.52

Target- I refilled my husband script for $4 and got a $10 gift card! So I used that for a few groceries we needed. Paid $1.77 after gift card.

Then went to Rite Aid, Filled second script for $5.55 and got a $25 gift card. Quick stop at grocery store to get some potatoes and an onion for supper tonight.

Total spent $20.90 oop and I have a the gift card left.

With a little planning and such we can take care of our family with out breaking the bank.

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  1. Good for you ... sounds like you had fun doing it.