Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The following is something I wrote to an e-mail group I am on. Someone asked about a person who had once been a leader of women, but had went astray and is now a radical feminist.

Well I am by no means an expert on this issue. I found this mag several
years ago, and was blessed! It was like a fusion of a conservative
womans issue mag and mother earth news. It was like a drink for fresh
water to my soul. It was like I finally found someone like me. Who
wanted to live a a way of obedience to the lord and living close to the
land simply.

But then something happened, she left her husband claimed he was abusive
and took up with another. She also sued some big names in the Christian
home school movement. Now in a court of law she won, but I feel only
because they do not understand Christian discipline. They agreed she
was plotted against, where I would say believers together stood up for
biblical standards.

So what happened? It is interesting that Connie asked me as I have had
some thoughts tumbling around in my brain. I think there is a dangerous
place that we can go to. It is a thin line that we think we would never
cross but some do. I have been thinking of my friend who left the faith,
another woman that yrs ago I remember being drawn to who now is a
practicing witch! I have been asking myself why I tend to be drawn to
those who end up flaking out, and trying to take heed.

Woman who are free thinkers, who enjoy being different, who want to be
themselves, ect. We can follow the Spirit of God and live a life of
freedom in Him. But it is also an opening to listen to other voices.
Women who just follow the status que are not in danger of this. They
just follow the leader and live a life of averageness.

It all seems to come down to self as all things. When we think we are
missing out on something, or don't deserve something we get in trouble.
Because we like to think and explore, we open doors to the enemy. Now I
am not saying we need to become blind followers of the human we chose to
hook our wagon to. But we need to beware of this tendency in our life.
And when someone is put out in front of others I think they tend to
start trusting themselves too much, because so many hold them up as
special. So they let the lie fester in them too long, and then start to
believe it.

It also seems as if the lie most tend to believe is about who and what a
woman is. They seem to reject biblical womanhood for what they feel is
freedom. I see this in (name removed), as much as someone from afar can see.
She believed the lie that she was equal to man. Well that is not the lie
we are equal but we are not the same! But for some reason they cannot
understand the difference. In a frustration with what life has brought
them they reject what the come to believe is causing the pain, biblical
submission and a traditional understanding of the scriptures. My old
friend from what I can see from observing afar, is embracing her
Womanhood. But not as we do, but as the world does. Her family now in in
the background, supporting her woman-owned business. It is lifting the
creation above the creator, embracing our womanhood but in a twisted way.

So we need to constantly check ourselves, are we following the Spirit or
are we following our own spirit. Are we living to please Him or
ourselves? Does doing ________fulfill us because we are obedient or
because we enjoy the attention we get?

Let me know what you think because these are things I am trying to
understand in myself.

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  1. This is a really great article! I agree with you 100% - it IS easier for a woman to be "led astray" and we must be aware of this and be careful. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog - I wanted to let you know that I've responded to your questions in the comments section of the articles you commented on. I look forward to visiting you again!